SPRING YARD SPRUCE-UP in just 4 steps 2017 Apr 27


No need for this to be an overwhelming task, and great excuse to go the Dairy Freeze after :) ...



Great excuse for new gloves!! Remove branches & debris left behind by a season that is not only grey & messy but does not clean up after itself lol Check your garden beds, the lawn, flower pots etc. It’s almost a guarantee that you will have dead leaves from last fall stuck in crevices, & piled up in your garden beds & different spots in the yard. This is the time to evict those guys & make room for new growth.



How did your trees make out this winter? Maybe small snapped branches just hanging from the tree? Broken limbs? Look for any signs of damage and make sure they get any attention they need. Give them a little spruce up so they can start summer strong. If you have large trees that have suffered some damage, you may want to consult a professional tree trimmer to get them in shape.



Don’t be nervous. The idea here is simply to give your plants a spruce up. Remember the hand held ruby red clippers you stored in the shed last year? Time to get them out, … great for the small stuff! You will also likely need some lopping shears, you know the ones, oversized clippers that have about a foot-long handle, very helpful with thicker branches. Look for dead or overgrown branches or stems that need to be trimmed, so you can encourage healthy strong growth for the summer ahead. Plus, you want them to look better :)

Check out more details from Landscape Ontario, excellent resource website for your yard care …




Any changes this year? Maybe a new tree or some new perennials? Time to fill up your very own little green wagon with happiness. Drive directly to Flood’s Nursery for a welcoming smile, all your questions answered and a massive selection of all kinds of beautiful things to bring home.

P.S. … Always make sure to ask for specific planting directions on your purchase.

Hydrangeas. Timeless Elegance. 2016 Mar 3

Hydrangeas add a certain picturesque feel to a landscape. Ranging in shapes and sizes, based on care pruning and maintenance, they can add true elegance, instant beauty and framing to your space. When you think of hydrangeas you instantly think of a Better Homes & Gardens or House & Home setting, with fresh white flowers sitting in a glass vase amongst the perfect table setting. You get the picture.