Hospice Leamington - Peace and Tranquility Among the Trees …

Nestled amongst a natural woodland setting, providing a privacy retreat for families, sits the new 15,000 sq. ft. Hospice facility with the means to accommodate up to 10 families, where a team focused on love and generosity provide a safe haven and nurturing environment. If you have ever experienced Hospice in any degree, you understand the special connection and beauty of such a place. An environment where families can be together undisturbed, treated with respect and dignity and catered to, as they transition through a difficult time with their loved one. It is a very special place, and a pillar to any community. With this in mind, the Flood's Nursery family was more than happy to reach out in this development providing resources and support as an integrated community partner.

In September 2015, Joan McSweeney a Hospice Board Member approached Tim Flood, asking if he could think about plants that would be best for the location and possibly do a site plan design. After a walk through with Joan around the Windsor gardens, Tim was very impressed with what he saw. Shortly after that meeting Joan recalls "Tim presented me with the most magnificent plan. The focus was that every patient bed had to have a beautiful view, with something of interest for every season, and needed to be low maintenance." In tying all those things together Joan recalls "It was a gorgeous plan. They had chosen such beautiful things, even providing pictures of every plant going in the space so that donors could see the final outcome of their area. There was a total of 31 naming opportunities for gardens and trees for donors interested in helping with this project."

In April 2016, the first two commissioned gardens in front of the building were planted by Tim & Kevin, and their team. They moved in and did a beautiful job planting everything, and bringing it all together, even including two bubbling rocks out front, that are just gorgeous, providing serene sound for the residents… all the while making sure to do so with the least disruption possible. By the time fall planting came, most of the naming opportunities were sold. The Floods moved in and planted for 21 days straight. The quality of their stock and the caliper and variety of the trees was amazing. The entire site was transformed into a beautiful garden weaving all around Hospice and forming a gorgeous walkway for patients and families and visitors. Often family members will push their loved one in a wheelchair around the perimeter of the property to see all the colour and admire the gardens.

From a customer perspective, Joan states that "our involvement with Floods Nursery Farm Inc has been totally positive. Each family member is knowledgeable about their products, anxious to please and willing to bring you the best possible customer experience and always anxious to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Tim and Kevin and Janine are totally focused on customer service from the first idea you have in your head to the finished product they create for you on your property. The Floods are a wonderful family and when it comes to helping you with a project, they are all on the same page."