Do you have a favourite tree that makes you smile? 😊
Come for a visit and walk through all the varieties we have to choose from.

Looking to brighten up a particular spot in your yard?
Our nursery carries a vast selection to choose from, in a variety of shapes, colours & sizes.


Looking for something unique for your outdoor space?
Maybe add a little low maintenance pizazz to your landscape?

Shrubs are great additions, coming in so many interesting varieties! A few splashes of colour & texture can have a huge impact.


A burst of sunshine for your garden! Excellent for specific colour punches.

Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes & colour combinations. Small & yet powerful, or tall & stately commanding attention. Low to the ground and compact, or expansive for large coverage. Perennials truly expand your outdoor space.

Stop by, ... we are sure to have something to make you smile!


Do you like the idea of colour through the seasons?

Spruces are an excellent choice for that.
With so many varieties, you are sure to the find one that is just right for you!


Exploring the different varieties can be quite intriguing.

They do not require a lot of maintenance, yet they still produce flowers in addition to their dramatic foliage. Available in different colour combinations, sizes and textures, they enjoy shady spots and work well in a variety of applications in your landscape.

Come check out our interesting selection here at the Nursery.


Looking for a splash of colour throughout the season?

Heucheras bring a different element to your design. Also known as 'Coral Bells', they are a favourite of gardeners due to the variety of coloured leaves to choose from. The deep coloured foliage can be striking against the right backdrop.

Stop in to see the different shades available.


Looking for some variety?

In shrub or tree form, pines can give you that creative texture you are looking for. Stop in for our selection!


Excellent for borders & entryways, boxwoods give a tailored look to your landscape. Super customizable to your style they can really provide that finish your space is looking for.


Vivid colour & elegance.

A welcome low maintenance addition to your landscape.
With bold colour choices, they can add that that dramatic punch to your space.


True timeless elegance. With their stunning abundance of blooms, they add instant beauty to your landscape.

Fresh cuttings also happily enjoyed in your favourite vase, perfect for any tabletop. 😉


With a variety of forms, colours and sizes, grasses add a lot of texture to your landscaping & can be the softening you need to some of your edges or borders. Grasses add a movement to your garden and offer different changes with the season.


Flowering vines add so much creativity to your landscape. Great for that area that you just want to add a little elevation or movement to.

Many varieties to choose from. Come take a peek!


Roses can add some fun and dimension to your landscape.

Perfect for an entryway or giving that little extra something to a wall.
They are also excellent for a ground cover, providing colourful blooms & familiar fragrance.